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Northern Colorado semi-locals Brian & Corbey Weaver saw things were coming apart at the seams with tradesmen that were a bit flaky, those craftsman artist types (*eyeroll*). Realizing that there was a need for a rock-solid countertop company, they wove together Weaver Stone in 2008 and went to work in a small shop (read: hole in the wall place).
Now with more than a few more people and the best high-tech machinery woven in, the Weavers are still working to be the non-flakey craftsman who share their knowledge to get it done. We like to put it all out there working with other locals (or transplants, no judgement!) in homes across Northern Colorado.

Remodels, Custom Builds, Single-family, Multi-family & Commercial Construction

We work with a variety of people from those who work in the construction industry to people who just like living in houses. Our digital layouts & CNC production means an accurate, efficient install of any size project.

Despite you attempts of trickery of a 5:30 “reservation” (when it’s really set for 6pm), we don’t show up like your more-than-fashionably-late friend. Our production shows up right on time. What this mean is no 6 week wait from measurement to FINALLY seeing the countertops. Most jobs are installed between 2-3 weeks depending on the level of customization needed in the digital layout & custom fabrication. Right on time.

Runs like Clockwork, Acts like a Friend

Although the machinery is all lasers and robots, everyone you meet at Weaver Stone are all humanoids. We know as we have seen them eat food and we all know robots don’t eat food.

Our installers are part of the Weaver Stone team, not some random guys we hired for the day! If you have questions, ask away – we know those guys!

Detailed Pricing

Ever order something online you thought looked great for the price, but when it arrived was NOT what you thought it was?

Our job proposals are the answer to this problem to ensure what you see on there is what you get – nothing less. Before you submit your countertop order, you can see what parts go into how the price is calculated and the details of what is included won’t be lost on you this time around.

Anyway, good luck returning that doll sofa you accidentally bought online thinking it was a real sofa!

Direct Access to Customization

Whoa there, speed racer! We are a bit impatient ourselves, but we believe in taking the production 2-3 weeks to sort out the DREAM finished countertop. Our slab imaging system allows us to plan for the best outcome with natural stone despite naturally occurring defects. Please don’t tell Mother Nature we had anything bad to say about the stone she crafted! Because our shop is top of the line, we are not constrained by the limits of our machinery.
This means we can use any quartz or natural stone offered in slab format you’d like for your project! Countertop production machinery fills our shop, so we source slabs directly from any of the 10+ stone importers and vendors located in Denver. We get it quickly delivered to our shop in Fort Collins to transform into the personalized countertop true to your life.

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