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Granite Countertops

Which is Better? Full Granite Backsplash or Tile Backsplash

When envisioning your dream kitchen design, one of the elements to ponder on is which type of backlash to install. And before you consider the materials to use, there is the question of which is better: granite backsplash or tile backsplash. Full granite backsplash is the most preferred option these days, and although they are

Granite Countertops

Quality Granite Countertops For Less With Factory Direct Pricing

Get quality granite countertops for less in Northern Colorado The skilled hands behind Weaver Stone Company have been crafting countertops for years. We have established a reputation of excellent countertop installation services, and we work hard to uphold it. Whenever you decide to install a new kitchen countertop in Northern Colorado, contact us, and we

Granite Countertops

Is It Wise To Choose Granite Countertops For Outdoor Areas?

Have you ever considered using granite countertops for outdoor installation areas? Granite is an excellent choice for the outdoors for many reasons. For one, it is famed for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures such as freezing or roast-hot. It does not fade when exposed to the sun, and with very little maintenance, it can

Granite Countertops

Cut the cost of granite countertops with these simple tips

There are some tips which you can use to score the fine look and sturdiness of granite without going over your budget, for example buying factory direct granite or keeping an open mind when it comes to your color choices. Granite is beautiful, long lasting, timeless and durable, which explains its higher cost compared to

affordable countertops in Northern Colorado
Kitchen Countertops

Find Out How To Source For Affordable Countertops in Northern Colorado

Getting new kitchen countertops will typically take up a significant percentage of your remodeling budget. If you are thinking of going for a full-service kitchen remodel package, starting from the design and planning up to the installation and delivery, you might find yourself spending as high as one-third or even half of your entire kitchen

quartz countertops in Northern Colorado
Quartz Countertops

Factory Direct Quartz Countertops in Northern Colorado

Why choose quartz countertops in Northern Colorado? When you are setting the tone and style of your kitchen, choosing the right countertop will be one of the most important decisions to make. Weaver Stone has a vast selection of differently designed quartz countertops in Northern Colorado so that you are assured of finding the best

buy kitchen countertops now and pay later
Kitchen Countertops

Buy Kitchen Countertops Now and Pay Later In Northern Colorado

Choosing the right financing option in Northern Colorado Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen countertops with financing, borrow for upgraded appliances, or finance an entirely new kitchen, it’s important to pick the right option that will help you achieve your goals hassle free. Choosing to buy kitchen countertops now and pay later present you

Beautiful Marble Countertops For Kitchen Islands in Northern Colorado
Marble Countertops

Beautiful Marble Countertops For Kitchen Islands in Northern Colorado

Marble countertop islands remain the top choice for most homeowners, not only in Northern Colorado but all over the United States. The fact that marble material has been attracting cooking enthusiasts for millennia now explains why it is so popular. Marble is a natural material available in different styles which are mostly defined by special